Transforming Fellowship: 19 Brain Skills That Build Joyful Community


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Relational brain skills change our lives and transform our relationships. Learn the 19 critical relational skills needed for resilience, peace and joy in every family and community. The Bible and brain science combine to show us active solutions we ordinarily overlook for personal and corporate transformation. Transforming Fellowship tackles the central issue that is destroying the credibility of the Western Church. Our fellowship lacks the transforming power Jesus intended. Through Transforming Fellowship we each actively contribute part of Christ’s character to one another. How we think, live and react changes at a basic brain level. Transforming Fellowship develops both deep love and relational skills. Transforming Fellowship is as deeply spiritual as it is practical.


More About the Author

Chris M. Coursey grew up in Peoria, Illinois with a hankering for a life rich in joy and peace. This kind of life seemed elusive until Chris began helping people in pain and interacting with a man named E. James Wilder. Suddenly Chris found what he was looking for. Soon Chris was enthusiastically developing resources to equip leaders, couples, families and communities with the 19 relational brain skills. Every one of these brain skills plays a vital role in propelling people to effectively start and sustain their joy so they keep relationships bigger than problems. Along with Wilder, Chris developed Thrive Training to engage and equip leaders to reach the full range of their God-given potential. Thrive uses strategic exercises based on the best in brain science to create joyful character change in participants. In his work and writings Chris makes learning new brain skills fun and practical so that anyone with the time and motivation can do it.


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